Interesting Data Gigs # 1: Featured Job of the Week: Data Engineer at Cash App; Why you must follow Daniel Lee and Caleb Keller and more...

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The core idea of the newsletter is to highlight a Data-related job and help them to make deep research on the role and the company you will apply for, with the goal to spark some ideas in your mind, and do a better job applying for it.

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Featured Job of the Week: Data Engineer at Cash App

First, you can find the job post here.

My first advice is always to try to know as much as possible about the company, its business model, the main challenges they could have on the way, and more.

First, research the company you are applying for

So, in order to do this with Cash App, first, you should read this interesting post from Rex Woodbury (Partner at Index Ventures) called The Rise of Cash App, in his weekly publication called Digital Native.

Rex described why Cash App has grown exponentially in recent years, to the point that it’s the # 1 Finance App in the App Store for 5 years, and it’s the 8th most downloaded app in the United States in 2021, reaching 80 million users.

You can read the presentation they made to its investors in 2021 here.

Cash app is part of Block (formerly known as Square), so it’s a subsidiary of a public company.

Some people argued with me that we don’t have to know the numbers of the company.


You must know the financial health of the company, especially with so many companies doing layoffs now.

So, take your time and at least, read the presentations they made for the shareholders of the company.

You can discover so much information just by doing that.

For example, you can watch the last presentation that Amritha Ahuja (Block’s Chief Financial Officer), and Brian Grassadonia (Cash App Lead) gave at the Credit Suisse TMT Conference or the last presentation that Brian gave on the Block Investor Day, which contains a trove of information:

A very interesting fact that Rex shared is this one:

Cash App acts like a social network because it is a social network. Cash App sees a 31 percentage point increase in retention when a user has 4+ friends on the app. The product is designed to integrate social features, which in turn improve unit economics.

You have to understand all this if you want to stand out in your application.

Next stage? The Cash App’s Data Tech Stack

According to the job post, they are using this:

Next stage? Data Engineering people at Cash App

It’s not about requesting a referral (if you do it, good for you), it’s about establishing a bond with these people, even before starting at the company.

Your curiosity could be your ally here, but please, be respectful.

Some people you could contact here:

Now, it’s up to you my friend.

Good luck with your job application.

Other Interesting Data Gigs of the week

Why you must follow the work of Daniel Lee and Caleb Keller

This newsletter is not about jobs, it’s about people.

For that reason, in every edition, I will highlight the work of at least two amazing people who are creating content and helping a lot of folks out there to do a better job as Data Analysts, Data Engineers, Data Scientists, and more.

Let’s talk about the first one: Daniel Lee.

Daniel has created an amazing website called, where he has shared a lot of mock interview videos for specific roles in companies like Amazon, Netflix, PayPal, Google, Meta, and many more; where you could practice a lot.

You can see one of these videos on his YouTube channel for Amazon Business Intelligence Engineer:

or this one for Facebook Data Scientist:

Daniel always provides great feedback on these mock interviews, so make sure you watch the videos completely.

Let’s talk about Caleb Keller now.

Caleb is focused on Jupyter notebooks, and he is sharing a ton of great tips on LinkedIn and his own website, about organizing your code inside your notebooks, how to make them more readable and extendible, and many more amazing tips.

You can see one of his posts here.

So, you must follow him on LinkedIn now.

Interesting links to read to keep improving your Data Engineering knowledge

The last section of every edition will focus on great links out there. Enjoy your reading:

Final words

Love to hear your feedback in this edition, and remember, the next stage of this is to build a talent network.

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