Interesting Data Gigs # 27: Just take my advice and apply for a role at Rippling

Its new Series E raise is just cementing the company in its industry

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Hi Data geek.

Today’s issue will be very quick.

My quick advice? Just apply for a role at Rippling.

If you are looking for compelling reasons why you should join Rippling, I wrote an article some months ago in this newsletter. You can read it here.

But, you should be wondering yourself: Why are you writing about them again?

It’s very simple. Let me explain.

I just was reading the news that how the company was raising a Series E of… grab your chair: $500 Million.

But the impressive thing about this raise is not the actual amount of money (Don’t get. me wrong: $500M IS A LOOOOOOT OF MONEY).

The real deal here was two key things: the term sheet was signed in just 12 hours, and they just changed the payment infrastructure to JPMorgan Chase in 3 hours y 30 minutes.

Parker Conrad (CEO of Rippling) described the events perfectly here:

This still left the problem of how to issue the payments. Until Friday, we had used the software infrastructure of SVB to reliably issue billions of dollars in payments each month. Our systems were built around SVB. Now, all of a sudden, SVB was gone.

Fortunately, we had previously set up accounts with JPMorgan Chase (JPMC) as a redundant payments infrastructure to avoid a single point of failure. But our plan to migrate always assumed we’d have a week or two to make the switch.

The reality? JPMC’s cutoff for same-day payments was 12:30 p.m., that day.

Now we had three and a half hours.

Immediately, 15 of the top engineers at Rippling set to work generating a payment file we could submit to JPMC by their cutoff.

It’s hard to rush something this important: It has to be perfect. As the 12:30 deadline neared, our CFO even negotiated extra time with JPMorgan.

In the end, the files were processed, and employees saw payments start arriving immediately. Most employees were paid on time on Friday, and the rest were paid first thing Monday morning.

This is simply incredible and shows the caliber of company that Parker and the whole crew are building at Rippling.

That article explaining why they were raising a new round of financing at the same valuation, proves so many things at the same time.

They are up to the challenge

They showed to the world and more importantly: to their customers that they matter. They worked the whole weekend on this serious issue, and they worked perfectly over this, even though their entire payment infrastructure was around Silicon Valley Bank.

They act very fast as a team

This problem was an easy problem to solve, but they conquered it as a team. This says a lot about the culture and the customer obsession inside Rippling. Seriously: Well done folks.

They are here to win

They don’t take shortcuts, they are here to win, and this event seriously cements the company in a privileged position as the OS for Work.

So: my advice to you? Apply to be part of the company today.

P.S: Rippling is one of the companies which has access to the Interesting Data Gigs Talent Collective. Join here as a candidate.

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