Interesting Data Gigs # 58: Who is hiring this week

Open roles at Pinterest,, MongoDB, Axiom, Ashby, Supabase, Atlassian and more

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Teal is an all-in-one job search platform that provides job seekers with an integrated Resume Builder, Job Applications Tracker, Contact Management, and many more tools to run an effective job search.

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One question to answer first

Hey Data Geek.

Thanks for sending me questions, I will try to answer one of them here.

Which tools are you recommending today to improve your job search today?

There are a lot of tools out there, but these 3 are my favorite ones:

  • Teal: and more specifically the Job Applications Tracker and the AI Resume Builder

  • Prospect: This one is very interesting. This tool allows one to analyze a company like a Venture Capitalist and determine if if worth taking a chance on them as a career builder. Billy Gallagher did an incredible work in this Twitter thread

  • Grammarly: This one is a lifesaver for me. Why? As a non-native English speaker/writer, this tool prevents me from being embarrassed

Who is hiring this week?

Let’s continue now with our recurring series of posts focused on who is hiring:

Good luck with your job application.

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