Interesting Data Gigs # 59: Who is hiring

Open positions at X, Hampton, Equals, PayPal, Plaid, OpenAI, Docker, MotherDuck and more

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Hey Data Geek.

Another week, another list of positions/hiring manager combo. But before starting to share the positions, I wanted to answer a question from one of you:

“Marcos, I’m an experienced Data Engineer in the insurance field, but I want to make the transition to Financial Markets. What is your advice to do this?

My friend: You can use the amazing experience you have gained inside the Insurance company. Perhaps analyze from your perspective public Insurance companies out there, and make your own recommendations. Or perhaps, analyzing the Insurance market. Your industry knowledge is more critical than you think. I wrote about this here.

The sky is the limit here. Insurance is a very interesting industry to be part of, and the knowledge there is very very valuable, but if you still want to make that transition, here is some advice:

The sky is the limit here, my friend.

Back to business.

Who is hiring this week?

Let’s start:

Good luck with your job application

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