Interesting Data Gigs # 61: Who is hiring this week

Open positions at Scale AI, Amplitude, Linear, Conviction, ZoomInfo, MotherDuck, Lantern and more

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Hey Data Geek.

Today, before the usual list of open roles that I’m sharing every single week, I wanted to share that I will include a new kind of post called “Deep Dives” that will be focused on deep research in companies I believe could be a great career stepping stone for you.

These posts will be larger and will take more time to write, so they will be bi-weekly, with no ads, and due to the level of commitment, time to write them, and depth of research, they will be behind the paywall.


Some of you have shared with me that you want to support my journey as a writer here, and I believe that I need to increase the value you are getting from this platform. Simple as that !!!

Again: the primary goal of this publication is to help you to get an amazing role in the Data Engineering and Data Analytics fields, and this won’t change.

You will still see posts like this one every single Saturday.

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Thank you and let’s back to business.

Who is hiring this week?

  • Linear is hiring on all fronts

Good luck with your job application

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