Interesting Data Gigs # 69: Sam Altman and Greg Brockman are out of OpenAI, and more

Open positions at Plaid, Retool, Perplexity AI, VISA, Meta, Domino's, Eleanor Health and more

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Hey Data Geek.

OpenAI drama

Yesterday a seismic bomb was out: Sam Altman was replaced as CEO of OpenAI, Greg Brockman (President of OpenAI, co-founder and board member) was removed from the board first, and after that, he quit.

And it seems the situation was not very pretty, according to Greg and Sam:

But the most interesting thing is the last post from Sam:

This will be a fun week to watch.

This move from OpenAI proved once again that job security is an illusion, and you need to “own your thing”.

Why? Sam, Greg (and the amazing team there) created a monster from 0 to $80 Billion. A lot of value was created, and still: he was fired for a “misalignment with the board”?

There a still of things that need to be clarified in this story, but the fact is that he is out of the company.

The best revenge for Sam and Greg? Build something bigger than OpenAI.

X Jobs Platform

Outside of the OpenAI drama, there is good news for job seekers: X just launched its Jobs platform:, and if you make a quick search for Data Engineer positions in San Francisco, there are a lot of open roles there:

But, for example: if you are a Verified Organization (with the Gold sign), you can see the open roles in the X profile of the company. An example of Perplexity AI:

Perhaps, you could find your next role at X. Who knows !!!

Adjust your search and keep an eye on X on this development.

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interesting resource of the week: Data Engineering Mastery Course by Zach Wilson

Why the recommendation? Because you will learn from a real practitioner, not a fake guru. Zach has worked on some of the challenging Data related problems at Meta, Netflix, and Airbnb; and he has invested a lot of time and resources to make this incredible course.

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