Interesting Data Gigs # 81: Closed mouths don't get fed

Some resources about how to negotiate your salary

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Are you truly earning what you are worth? If you don’t ask for it, you will never get it

Hey Data Geek.

This week I read a very interesting post from Sahil Bloom on LinkedIn

Sahil had explained this brilliantly:

Closed mouths don’t get fed

So, my question to you is: are you truly earning what you are worth? It’s time to fight for it.

There are a lot of resources out there about this but let me share this number with you first: according to an article at Business Insider:

Negotiating your starting salary — and continuing to negotiate every few years or when you start a new job — could make a $1 million difference in your lifetime earnings.

So, start early and learn to negotiate your salary since your first job. Employers are expecting you will negotiate, so this is part of the process. If you don’t do it, you can leave money on the table every single time.

Here are my favorite resources to learn how to do it properly:

Next time you enter the salary negotiation conversation, use these resources and get a better buck for your time.

Good luck

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