Interesting Data Gigs # 83: My company is hiring Data Engineers

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My company is hiring Data Engineers

Hey Data Geek.

Today I will be quick. I wanted to share fantastic news with you: My company X-Team is hiring for a ton of positions, but two of my favorite ones that are open right now are these two:

But before sending your application there, please take your time to review our website, how we work, why we are a remote-first company, etc.

I love to say I’m a proud X-Teamer because the company has given me an incredible opportunity to grow as a professional, working with some of the iconic brands in the world; but more importantly: I’m part of the most amazing developers community around the globe.

But don’t take a word from me: watch our YouTube channel, read our blog, and feel it for yourself.

And BTW, I want to make things very clear before moving on: We hire seasoned professionals. Although we love the enthusiasm of young professionals, our clients are very demanding looking for excellence and expertise, and the only way you can deliver that is with years of experience.

Take me as an example: I waited for the right amount of experience and years in the industry as a Data Engineer, before applying for a role at X-Team.

If you feel ready: go for it, but you should know that our recruiting process is challenging.

My recommendation? Study the fundamentals of Data Engineering:

Take your time to review all this and make a plan. Let’s say one month, or one week dedicated to one or two of these topics, and take your notes.

When you feel ready, send me an email to [email protected] with the subject “I’m ready for the DE job” for the Data Engineer position or “I’m ready for the DevOps role” in the case of the DevOps Engineer role.

In that way, I will know you read this post.

Ready. Set. Go.

Good luck with your application, and I would love to see someone from my audience working with me side by side as a Data Engineer or as a DevOps Engineer.

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Marcos out

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