Interesting Data Gigs # 86: Meetups: An underrated way to find a new job

Your network is your net worth

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Meetups: An Underrated way to find a new job

Hey Data Geek.

“Your Network is Your Net Worth” is more present daily in our lives in tech.

With so many people losing their jobs thanks to layoffs, a good network could help you more than you think. And there is a place a lot of people are not considering today: Meetups.

Meetups could be your golden ticket for a role if you invest time to meet and hang out with people at these events. It takes courage to do networking properly but nothing beats face-to-face interactions. Nothing.

And believe me: some people don’t want to add you on LinkedIn if they don’t meet you face to face. I know this is old-school, but some people are wired in that way, and you have to be OK with that.

So, why not invest time to be present on Meetups, and be a good listener there? You can surprise yourself with the level of interactions and the incredible quality of people you can hang out with at those events.

So, if you are without a job today, go to a meetup related to your industry, and perhaps this could become a golden ticket for your next role.

There are a lot of specific meetups around the globe where you can find a lot of new people, and you don’t know if one of those people could help you in the future with your job search efforts.

Of course: you don’t go to these technical meetings just to meet people, you are going there to learn a new topic, or perhaps to give a technical talk as a speaker.

For example, if you want to learn more about Generative AI on AWS, my advice is to participate in the Generative AI on AWS meetup with more than 15k members

In the meantime, you can interact with some people in the group, and who knows; perhaps from these interactions, you could find incredible people and they could help to find a new job in the long term.

So, next time you go to the meetup, think about this.

Good luck with your job search efforts.

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