Interesting Data Gigs # 89: I built my first digital product and you can have it for FREE

This perhaps could help you to become a more valuable employee

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I built my first digital product, and perhaps it could help you become a more valuable employee

Hey Data Geek.

This week has been very busy because after countless nights and early mornings, I finally unveiled what I was working on for my other newsletter AWS Graviton Weekly.

It’s called the Cloud Silicon Content Library, and if you play your cards correctly, this could be very helpful for you, especially if your company uses Amazon Web Services

In simple terms: this library has the top content related to CPUs, especially AWS Silicon chips optimized for the cloud (AWS Graviton, AWS Inferentia, AWS Trainium, and AWS Nitro System) that could help you save thousands in AWS bills every month (BTW, this service can be useful for that as well).

And you should be wondering: Why this could be valuable for me?

It’s very simple: if your company applies some of the strategies inside this content library, it could save at least 35% of its cloud bills.

Let me explain with a clear example: Let’s say that your company is using AWS Aurora, and you are looking for some ways to improve the performance of the database and optimize costs at the same time.

Simple: doing a simple search in the content library, you could find something like this

And you will find this amazing article from Greg Foster, the CTO of Graphite about how they saved 90% of their AWS Aurora-related bills thanks to a feature called Aurora I/O Optimized.

And this is just ONE IDEA.

Inside the library, you will find thousands.

So my idea to you: take this content library to your boss, share it with her/him, and say: Let’s work on making our cloud operations more efficient; I‘m pretty sure that if you do it right, you will get an OUSTANDING PERFORMANCE REVIEW in your next months.

Thank you for doing this.

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