Interesting Data Gigs # 91: Outseta and Flexile: 2 of the most interesting companies in tech

Profitable, remote-first, and small by design

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Outseta and Flexile are two of the most interesting companies out there: Profitable, small by design, and hiring remotely

You asked me for great open roles there, so I’ve found two for you, and perhaps a future opportunity.

The first two opportunities are coming from a company called Flexile, which was started by Sahil Lavingia, the founder of Gumroad, according to this post from him, you can earn up to $200 per hour:

And if you visit, you will see the two open roles there. The interesting thing here is that you can earn cash and equity at the same time

Very interesting, right?

The other company is Outseta, which is not hiring right now (at least not publicly) but the payment structure is very interesting as well

Outseta’s payment structure

We think this is really appealing for a number of reasons.

- Perhaps you're just looking for a bit of supplemental income and wants to take on some fun projects at Outseta. Great, you can work with us one day per week and earn $42,000 per year.

- Maybe you really believe in Outseta and want to grow your equity stake as much as possible, but still have significant financial needs. You could work at Outseta three days per week for $126,000 annually, while earning equity in the business two days per week.

If you're financially set, you can work entirely for equity and build up a substantial ownership stake in the business very quickly.

- Finally, this also gives us flexibility as we scale—we may not be able to make someone a full-time job offer at $210,000 but we can certainly offer them the ability to work with us two days per week for $84,000 annually.


As we mulled all of this over, our biggest concern was that this does make it difficult for us to recruit more junior people into the organization—people whose experience simply doesn't warrant the $210,000 salary. We considered introducing a second, similarly tiered structure for less experienced hires but ultimately decided against it. It's certainly something we may revisit in the future, but for now we're staying the course—we intend to hire great people, and it's expected that everyone chips in in areas like customer support that are typically lower paid positions in most organizations.

Like I said Outseta is not hiring openly, but it seems the work they are doing is paying off:

My advice? Follow Geoff Roberts on Twitter:

It’s so refreshing to see these companies doing this stuff so simple and at the same time so good.

Perhaps more organizations must adopt these interesting models in the future.

Who knows.

Good luck with your job application

Marcos out

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