Interesting Data Gigs # 94: Data Engineer role at Shopify

Be part of the global ecommerce phenomenon

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Hi Data Geek. Today I wanted to write (again) about why you should join Shopify as a Data Engineer.

But before starting all this, I have a small announcement to make: I just want to give you access to my new digital product entirely for free (if you want). It’s the Cloud Silicon Content Library and you can find it on Gumroad here.

A lot of resources there could help you to do a better job preparing for applying at Shopify.

That’s it. No string attached. My only request? Let a honest review there after the purchase.

Back to business

Want to be part of the global phenomenon called Ecommerce? Get a job at Shopify as a Data Engineer

As simple as that: Shopify is helping millions of companies and people to build their entrepreneurship journey with a seamless, easy to use and start ecommerce platform built for your organization at every step of the way. From the incredible hand-made leather bags seller to a juggernaut of the fitness industry like Gymshark.

Some ideas to stand out?

Other resources to check out:

Good luck with your job application

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