Interesting Data Gigs # 92: Apply for a role at Oxide Computer Company

The Macbook of Cloud Computing

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Apply for a role at Oxide Computer Company

Last week, I wrote about two of my favorite companies I would apply to work for Outseta and Flexile.

And today, a good friend of mine asked me something I have to think for a day about it. His question was:

"If you have to choose one company to build the next phase of your career, which could be?

But there are 3 constraints:

  • It has to be related to Cloud Computing

  • It can't be AWS

  • It has to be related to Hardware or Core Infrastructure"


  • It would be simply incredible to work side by side with Bryan Cantrill and the whole crew there. I've followed his journey from Sun to Joyent (I love what they built there) to Oxide Computer Company now.

  •  They are building a true Cloud Computing platform that actually can be purchased https:// 

  •  Their combined decades of experience building Cloud Computing platforms on Sun Microsystems, Dell, and Joyent are playing a key role in my decision here

  •  When you think about a perfect combination of Hardware and Software, the first product that comes to mind is the Macbook from Apple. Well, this team is building something similar to the Cloud Computer. This brings another benefit: you can build the infrastructure for your developers in hours thanks to the intelligent design behind the rack

  • They value deep thinkers and writers, and you can see that if you apply for a role there

  •  ttps://They have an interesting approach to compensation: Everyone earns the same salary ($201,227) and the reasoning behind this is simply brilliant https://

So, today it's a perfect day to join Oxide Computer Company. You can see the open roles here

Good luck with your job application

Marcos out

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